Skoop is here and it is only the start!

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Skoop is here and it is only the start!

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Welcome to CES Touch linking to Skoop! We have attached a PDF and Powerpoint and brief summary below.

To start we are introducing Loyalty and Rewards. This comes with either standard Loyalty and Rewards through the touch with no other interaction from the end users beside their mobile numbers. Once that is done we can then have them register to earn points and its as simple as that.

Optionally you can opt for the Precision Marketing which enables the Retailer to directly target end users with various cash or points based offers. You can use key words plus various other metrics to increase turnover, business and of course profits.

You can then take it the step further that the retailers want which is iOS and Android APPs designed with their logos so they are personalised.

Secondly with the release of Version 10 we will be launching our Kiosk program. This links in with touch and creates a standalone kiosk to be operated by the end users which gives the retailer the opportunity to redeploy the staff that would normally be operating the tills. Increasing turnover, accuracy, less cash handling, increase in business and profits. Not only that but you will also be use the loyalty apps to earn points.

Shortly after release we will introduce Online ordering apps to enable Table ordering and delivery / collection as the next part of our schedule. This will also have options to be confirmed of

GEO LOCATION MARKETING ( Geo-fences enable sending push notifications to app users in the vicinity of your store (or a competitor’s store), even if the app is closed.
It can also be used to collect valuable location data about app users, such as behavioral and travel patterns, to aid in the positioning of new restaurant sites.

Geo-fences can be Macro-radius, Micro-radius, or Polygonal shapes.)

BEACON MARKETING ( perfect for driving mall traffic to food court locations via highly targeted and relevant push notifications.
The app doesn’t have to be open to detect the beacon! )
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