KVS has had a facelift!

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KVS has had a facelift!

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Features and Improvements are as follows:

New KVS installer available that creates only the files required to run KVS on the kitchen screen terminals.
New licence module added to Touch, only terminals licenced for KVS will export the KVS data to the screens.
New section added to the Remote Printer settings in Touch with tick boxes to select which remotes should output to the KVS screens.
New settings button added to the KVS screen to make setup simple, this replaces the kitchensalesviewer.ini file required in previous versions.
New option for setting the background and text colours for away items to make them stand out clearly.
Tabs now change colour to match the course colours, the outline of the box will show in the colour of the course it is currently on.
Configurable number of checks can now show on the KVS screens to allow for more checks to show on bigger screens.
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