Upgrading from 8.5/8.6 to v8.8

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Upgrading from 8.5/8.6 to v8.8

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1. Take a backup of the 8.6 Touch folder by renaming it to Touch 8.6
2. Uninstall Touch v8.6 Start/Programs/Touch/Uninstall (if this option is not available go to Control Pannel Add remove Programs
3. Run the v8.8 Bar Installer
4. Delete the Touch folder the 8.8 installer creates
5. Copy the clean Touch folder onto the C Drive and rename it Touch
6. Run the clean touch folder and make sure it runs correctly without any errors etc before copying over any data from the 8.6 Touch folder
7. Tidy up any un-needed files from the 8.6 Touch folder, remove any .bak .tmp old release notes and any thing that looks like it can be removed
8. Copy the contents of the data folder from the renamed 8.6 Touch folder into the new 8.8 Touch folder (do not replace the data folder append to it)
9. From the latest 8.8 patch copy in the contents of the data folder into the touch folder data folder
10. Copy the archive files from the renamed 8.6 touch folder into the new Touch folder
11. After copying in the files run Touch, file checker should run (you may need to ignore a few errors)
12. After file checker has run go into system settings and make sure the terminal type is set as Server
13. If the system setting above was set to Terminal (in other words a slave) exit Touch then restart and run file checker again manually to ensure the copied sales data gets updated correctly
14. Exit Touch and run the "touchupgrade.bat" located in the clean touch folder this will run a number of utilities
15. Open the c:\Touch\Data\Accounts\Acc_Control.DBF in the renamed 8.6 Touch folder and note the 4 numbers
16. Open the c:\touch\data\Customeraccountscontrol.DBF in the new touch folder and update the 4 numbers found in step 10
17. Go into Customers press the last button and make a note of the last account number used
18. Go into system settings type NEXT into the search criteria and locate the Next Auto Customer Setting
19. Enter the next number to be used into the system option add 1 to the number looked up in step 19

Also see here for information on changing account statement periods to monthly.
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