Sales Viewer second VGA screen

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Sales Viewer second VGA screen

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See below list of updates make to salesviewer for version 9.

Sales Viewer look and feel updated to match the V9 Sales grid and the embedded CES icon updated to use the newer icon.

New back office setting 'Use Sales Viewer?' that replaces the touch.ini setting ExportCurrentTransactionRef=YES. This setting defaults to NO
but will change to 'YES' when sales viewer is run.

Sales Viewer updated to display Payout transactions.

Sales Viewer will now display the Reports Mode & Back-Office customer display messages when in either mode.

Sales View can no longer be closed by clicking on the sales viewer screen, it now closes using a new button command SALESVIEWERCLOSE or by
exiting Touch.

Sales Viewer section added to the left menu within the System Settings form.

New back office setting 'Sales Viewer - Hide title bar?' when set to YES the title bar will be hidden once Sales Viewer is restarted.

Sales Viewer when run for the first time will now detect if a second screen is present and if found will run on it.

Sales Viewer will now scale correctly the first time it is run, previously it needed to be restarted to scale correctly.
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