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A "follow on" form that works like a macro.

The idea is the form can be renamed to anything you like and works by reading a txt file of the same name that sits in the data folder.

The txt file holds the string of commands.

As an example you want to Consolidate and Post Charges on a Table.

The command on the store table buttons would need to be changed to "Followon*form" (or whatever the form is renamed to example would be name the text file FollowonABC and name the SCT and SCX file FollowonABC.SCT and FollowonABC.SCX)

This would make the items consolidate as they require and then go and print in the kitchen as required.

The beauty about this method is we end up with a multi-functional form that has endless possibilities.

There are certain screen that it may not work for you but should open up areas to speed service. :D
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