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Salesmans dream

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When on the road visiting multiple businesses with differing trades. You can end up having to change your Touch folder multiple times to fit in with the customer and their business. This means either doing it at the end of the demonstration of your first customer or when arriving at your next prospective sale. This could mean ignoring your customer whilst copying and pasting touch folders. Touch Choice Application offers you a solution that can grow with the amount of demonstration versions you have.

Touch Choice Application

The purpose of the Touch choice application is to enable a dealer to be able to have several demo Touch folders on a terminal/laptop and to be able to easily switch between.

Folder Naming:
You can have up to 12 demo touch folders appear on the screen below. To add a Touch folder to the list the new folder needs to be named accordingly. The folder name must start with Touch_Demo_

For example:
Touch_Demo_chip shop

Image1.png (139.33 KiB) Viewed 56276 times

To launch a demo Touch folder select the folder you wish to run (click on it) and press the Launch! button. This message box below will then appear:

image2.png (48.24 KiB) Viewed 56276 times

The purpose of the message is to inform the person running the demo folder that the current Touch folder will be renamed as touch.backup before setting up and running the demo folder selected.

If changes have been made to the current Touch folder and you wish to save the updates then the touch.backup folder should be renamed. i.e. rename touch.backup to Touch_Demo_Bar New, (you would then see bar new appear on the list next time the application is run).

Note: If you wish to run the same demo folder as the last time there is no need to use this application. Simply use the standard Touch shortcut and it will run the current touch folder. Running the standard Touch shortcut will be quicker as it just runs the current Touch folder without doing backups and moving files around.

This button is used to view the peripheral settings of the current Touch folder to quickly see the connection settings for each device.

image3.png (27.56 KiB) Viewed 56276 times

Go Live:
This button should be used when setting a terminal ready for delivery to a live customer. This will remove all the demo Touch folders named Touch_Demo_XXXXX.

It is recommended that the TouchChoice folder and Touch Choice Desktop shortcuts are also deleted. These need to be manually deleted.

Note: This is a very dangerous option to leave on an end users live system as it has the potential for the end user to overwrite their live Touch folder.
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